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  • 參賽單位必須為已在香港註冊一年或以上及有實體經濟活動的企業,資助機構或非政府部門法定機構(例如大學)亦可,但不包括香港特區政府部門 / 機構。
  • 參賽單位必須從事工業,例如電子、塑膠、紡織、玩具等。
  • 參賽單位的升級轉型計劃必須在過去三年以內取得階段性成果,該計劃的全部或部份項目必須在香港策劃或推行,並能夠提供升級轉型計劃的詳情。
  • 香港工商業獎有五個以公司為獲獎單位的組別,包括顧客服務、創意、睿智生產力、科技成就,以及升級轉型。參賽單位在同一年度內,只可參與當中不超過兩個組別的競逐(每組別只限參賽一次)。
  • 香港工商業大獎和組別獎只會頒發予以公司或公司部門身份參賽的機構,以項目身份參賽的機構將不獲考慮。而香港工商業獎優異證書可頒發予以項目身份參賽的機構,但有關項目須屬長期性質(例如一年)。


主辦機構及/ 或評審委員會就「香港工商業獎:升級轉型」各項事宜作出的決定,均為最終決定,並具約束力。參賽單位必須遵從主辦機構及/或評審委員會作出的任何決定。



  • Entrants must be registered business entities with substantial economic activities in Hong Kong for at least one year. The Award will be open to all qualified applicants including public-funded or non-government statutory institutions (like universities). However, HKSAR Government departments or agencies are not eligible for participating in the Award.
  • Entrants must operate in industrial sector such as electronics, plastics, textiles, toys, etc.
  • Entrants participating in the Award Category of Upgrading and Transformation should have attained phased achievements in the past 3 years. The whole Upgrading and Transformation Programme or parts of it must be planned or implemented in Hong Kong Entrants should be able to provide details of their Upgrading and Transformation Programmes.
  • Among the five company-based categories of the Hong Kong Awards for Industries i.e. Customer Service, Innovation & Creativity, Smart Productivity, Technological Achievement and Upgrading and Transformation, an entrant can take part in no more than two of these categories in the same year (one entry for each category only).
  • Grand Award and Award will be considered on the basis of a company, or a particular division of a company, rather than a project. Certificate of Merit might be considered on a project basis but the project should be implemented on a longer term basis (like a year).



All decisions made by the Organiser and / or its Judging Panels are final and binding in all matters relating to the Hong Kong Awards for Industries: Upgrading and Transformation. Participating companies that submit an entry have to abide by whatever decisions made by the Organiser and/ or its Judging Panels.