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  • 鼓勵並表揚企業主動透過升級轉型計劃,變革核心業務以適應市場及經營環境的轉變,以持續提升香港企業的競爭力。
  • 肯定升級轉型對工商業界及香港經濟的重要性。


Hong Kong Awards for Industries: Upgrading and Transformation is organised by the Hong Kong Young Industrialists Council (HKYIC). It aims to recognise enterprises of industrial sector that have successfully achieved sustainable development outcomes and expanded their market through effective reform of their core business. Being trendsetters in the industrial sector, enterprises should be able to clearly define the business scope and direction for upgrading and transformation, develop a feasible overall implementation plan, implement the plan, exercise timely adjustment, and attain a phased achievement in the Upgrading and Transformation Programme.

HKYIC’s mission is to promote the sustainability of industrial development. This Award is established in order to fulfil several objectives: enhance the competitiveness of Hong Kong enterprises, recognise the importance of upgrading and transformation in the industrial sector and Hong Kong’s economy, and arouse the concerns of the industry and society for industrial development. In addition, through promotion of upgrading and transformation among enterprises, the Award also aims to further leverage the advantages of Hong Kong which include innovative thinking, international perspective and management capabilities, etc., and to inherit and foster industry leadership with full execution of foresight and flexibility. At the same time, the Award also aims to inspire positive energy in the community through co-operation with the industry on enhancing Hong Kong’s overall competitiveness and promoting Hong Kong’s industrial development, thereby fostering the long-term and comprehensive development of Hong Kong’s economy.


  • To encourage and recognise those enterprises that have reformed their core business to adapt to the ever-changing market and business environment through participating in the Upgrading and Transformation Programme so as to continuously enhance the competitiveness of Hong Kong enterprises.
  • To affirm the importance of Upgrading and Transformation to the industrial sector as well as Hong Kong’s economy.